Tshwane Auto Service – Rmi Approved Service Repair Mechanic

Call Vilosh For low affordable prices 072 297 8337

241 Luttig Street, Pretoria West, 0183

Specialised Diagnostics


Warranty Claims Accepted Msure Impac Motorite Mysure Genric Bidvest. We offers Transparent full-service repairs. Our Shecanic or Mechanic advisers are here to satisfy your every need. We do it all from oil changes to minor & major repairs & Services, brake repair, clutches, Engines & Suspensions. Aircons & Key Coding. Electrical & Call-outs!

Book your car with Tshwane Auto Service Pretoria. Rmi Approved Car Workshop. Mechanical Electrical Electronic repairs for all vehicles. Our mission is to inspire as many as many women as we can to believe that they can be there own Shecanic & be in control when it comes to there cars. You don’t need a man to tell you when something goes wrong! You can tell him what’s wrong because you should know your car so well! That’s what we are here for! Making sure you Have a basic knowledge of your car! This can lead u to a road of saving a lot of money for your Mani’s and Pedi’s & not forgetting you will never be underestimated again by a mechanic or a man.

Efficient Car Services tshwaneautoservice.com All insurance claims Accepted. Mysure Motorite Insure Afrika Elite Msure and many others. We repair Vw Bmw Mercedes Toyota Ford Suv bakkies etc. All my beautiful ladies who have been taken advantage of by a mechanic, Have you felt powerless when your car broke down & needed to rely on a man. I know exactly how you feel! Take control of your car. I want to create a community of car savvy women. My goal is to empower you and make you feel good about your car! You can do it!
We give extra special treatment and Repair prices if you have Gods gift.
That’s being a WOMEN! 🙅🏻‍♀️

Book your Clutch brakes gearbox suspension oil leaks water leaks radiator repairs.We will not charge you before you approve a job. You will get basic knowledge making you look good & in control among your fellow men! Don’t allow a Mechanic or a man tell you it’s too complicated to understand. Allow a Shecanic to make you understand in a less complicated method! You have a right to know what you investing in! With us u invest in the true repair of your car! The more questions you ask the better knowledge you gain from the right Shecanic. Tshwane Auto Services -Rmi Approved Dealer.

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